Nissan Anion Two Passenger Concept Car
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About Us

Welcome The Future Mobility Lab website! Our lab, founded by Professor Francis Assadian, studies modeling, simulation, and control of dynamic systems. Some of our focuses are: bond graph and multibody dynamic models of ground vehicle dynamics, global chassis control systems, alternative powertrain technologies, energy optimization, optimal control, and robust control.


Current Research Topics

  • Global Chassis Control
  • Optimal Hybrid Powertrain Control of Large Transport Vehicles
  • Novel Brake System Design for Minimizing Control Effort
  • Off-Road Autonomous Vehicle State Estimation
  • Computer Vision for Precise Automotive Manufacturing Manipulators
  • Integration of Artificial Intelligence into Vehicle Dynamic Modeling and Control

Ongoing Projects

  • Off-road Autonomous Vehicle Project- Link
  • Ford Project global chassis control
  • Ford project computer vision guided robot manipulator

Current Events

Advanced Control and Estimation Concepts, and New Hardware Topologies for Future Mobility